Senator Timilty Announces Veto Overrides 

Of Several Important Budget Line-Items


Boston, MA (01/05/2021) – State Senator Walter F. Timilty (D-Milton) voted to override numerous Fiscal Year 2021 gubernatorial vetoes of several important budget amendments. More than 135 vetoed line-items were overridden by the State Senate.

“I believe that it was imperative that the Massachusetts State Legislature restore levels of funding for these vitally important entities that I had voted for in the State Senate’s annual budget exercise,” said Timilty.

One such important budget matter focused on restoring funding of $52,985,000 for the One-Time COVID-19 Response, Remote Learning and Student Support Grants to school districts, charter schools, and educational collaboratives in the Commonwealth. Timilty voted to override the governor’s veto because these grants will provide additional assistance in the reduction and prevention of the 2019 novel coronavirus. In addition, these grants will help maintain and increase educational quality during the pandemic.

“In my work in the State Senate, the needs and concerns of the people that I am privileged to represent are always my top priority. I was proud restore funding to these crucial line-items during the Fiscal Year 2021 State Senate budget process,” said Timilty.

Timilty voted to override the veto of $150,000 for the operation of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO Workforce Development Programs Inc. The funding will provide dislocated worker assistance, layoff aversion, and job training with a focus on pathways to quality careers through traditional and non-traditional apprentice and pre-apprenticeship training.

Additionally, Timilty and his colleagues voted to override the vetoes of the Commission on the Status of Women, in which $8,282 was restored; the Environmental Protection Administration, restoring $6,875,705; the Center-Based Child Care Rate Increase restored by $10,000,000; and Family & Community Engagement Services restored by $497,190.





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